In the quest for the ultimate self-care routine that encompasses numerous experiments of skincare and haircare, the relaxation for the entire body and mind is often overlooked. This aspect of self-care holds tremendous value, considering it counts at least one-third of our lives.
Our luxurious solution to ultimate relaxation and beauty during your downtime is silk — a luxurious and highly sought-after fabric. And among the various types of silk, mulberry silk stands out for its exceptional properties and unrivaled quality.


Silk is often called the “queen of fiber” because
it contains 18 beneficial amino acids for the human body. These amino acids help maintain the skin’s surface lipid film, keeping it moisturized and smooth. As a protein fiber, silk is naturally light, soft, and fine, and it quickly returns to its original state after pressure is removed.

It is breathable and has good moisture absorption and dissipation properties, providing some level of skin protection.


  • Silk

    Derived from silkworms


    Shiny, glossy finish, on both sides






    Absorb moist and sweat


    More soft, luxurious with a higher price

  • Satin

    Produced from silk, cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon, etc.


    Shiny, glossy finish on one side






    More affordable


Mulberry silk is a luxurious fabric that offers exceptional quality and superior softness. It is made from the cocoons of silkworms that feed exclusively on mulberry leaves. The resulting silk is known for its fine, strong fibers and beautiful natural sheen. With its smooth texture and lightweight feel, Mulberry silk is a sought-after choice for high-end garments, bedding, and accessories. Its unparalleled softness against the skin makes it a delightful fabric to wear and sleep in,
providing a luxurious experience.


According to a legend, over 4,700 years ago, the wife of the Yellow Emperor, Xuanyuan Di, witnessed a fairy transform into a worm with a horse-like face and a slender body. This creature emitted a shining filament and bore white fruits. The emperor ordered a maid to retrieve the fruit, but it accidentally fell into hot water, resulting in the extraction of a thin strand of silk. Intrigued, the emperor gathered all the fruits, extracted the silk, and wove it into beautiful and comfortable clothes. Delighted, he named the fruit "seedling," the cocooned worm "silkworm," the leaf the silkworm ate "mulberry leaf,” and the extracted fiber "silk." The emperor taught others these techniques, giving birth to the art of silk weaving. Over time, the techniques and knowledge surrounding its production have been refined and perfected. The adoption of mulberry silk quickly spread across various regions, including India, Europe, and the rest of Asia, due to its exceptional qualities and desirability in the fashion industry.


The quality of mulberry silk is determined by several factors, including its fineness, uniformity, and tensile strength. These quality parameters are assessed through various standardized tests, such as the measurement of silk thread diameter, breaking strength, and elongation.
Industry standards and certifications, such as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensure that mulberry silk products meet stringent criteria for quality and safety. One of the most crucial factors to consider is the Momme count, which represents the weight of the silk fabric. Typically, you will encounter a range between 15 to 30 Momme. At Bui, we chose 22 Momme count with long fiber 6A which is the highest grade for our sleepwear and loungewear products.


  • Anti-Aging

    Reduces friction on the skin which helps prevent wrinkles and creases

  • Anti-Bedhead

    Reduces friction that causes messy, unruly hair in the morning, minimizing tangles, breakages, and frizz. The smooth texture allows the hair to glide easily, preserving your hairstyle.

  • Temperature Balancing

    Adapts to your body and room temperature, balancing them for a better quality of rest. Efficiently regulates body temperature, offering exceptional comfort.

  • Skin Moisture Retention

    Lessens absorption of facial and body cream, keeping the skin moisturized

  • Anti-Crease

    Reduces hair creases from tying your hair, preventing noticeable curves along your hair when released.

  • Breathable

    Provides a weight free, non-sticky feel on the skin and doesn't tug on your skin.

  • High Level Indulgence

    Provided unparalleled smoothness, softness, and a lustrous appearance with silky, slippery touches.

  • Hair Moisture Retention

    Helps the hair retain moisture, preventing dryness and promoting overall hydration especially for dry and damaged hair.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Suitable for sensitive skin and individuals prone to allergies. Resistant to dust tites, molds, fungus and other allergens.

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