Bui was founded with the basic principle of “self-love”.

Our founder, Sirada Hannarkin, has been on a life journey to the point where challenges and difficulties knocked on the front door, as expected, brought pressure, exhaustion, disappointments, stress, etc., and, therefore, self-doubt with them. She knew she had to do something about it, and that was the moment she decided to take another deeper journey — a journey to her own soul.

After sessions with her personal life coach, she found the the inward journey concept is very interesting and she realized fundamentals that most people, including herself, usually forget and how important they are: To have self-belief and self-understanding, to get self-inspired, and to grow "self-love" from within.

She noted that this is not an easy path and that the beginning is the most difficult: to give yourself a very own moment in the midst of all the stress and chaos.

It is the moment when “me-time” and “me-space” are created simultaneously so that you can look back at yourself, listen to your own thoughts and give yourself love, forgiveness, understanding, and appreciation.

She found a secret key to this very personal moment and called it a “self-love supporter”. These can be people, who encourage and comfort you, or they can be tools, from objects to activities, that allow you to stay with yourself enough for self-awareness and pamper your body and mind in that moment.

After the discovery, she then decided to create a brand that is also a friend, with offerings that are self-love tools, that can help create moments of “me space” and “me time” for anyone who wants to embark on this journey. After three years of obsessively researching and experimenting what might be the finest tools to best soothe the mind and comfort the body through all five senses, Bui was officially born to create that very personal moments — “Bui moments”.

Bui is an aesthetic solution to support, comfort and pamper your self-love ideas
with our finest quality self-love tools from sleepwear, loungewear, bedding and other things we call self-care accessories.